Hello. I'm Gary Meaney, passionate fan of all things animal, and author of the recently published book Zoology's Greatest Mystery - and 100 Other Wonders of Nature.

"Anyone who picks up this book will become fascinated" - Jane Goodall
"A wonderful achievement" - Jonathan Elphick
"A cornucopia of fascinating accounts" - Éanna Ní Lamhna
"A remarkable window on nature's more extraordinary ways of life" - Michael Viney

The 101 fascinating natural wonders in this beautifully illustrated book will forever transform your view of the animal and plant world. Come with me on a jaw-dropping journey across nature's most amazing and bizarre.

You will learn about the mould that solves mazes, why the giant panda is lucky to be alive, how a fish with no mouth eats, why your brain is afraid of snakes, and why one microscopic creature is the most puzzling mystery in all zoology.

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Book Sample

Here is an audio sample of Chapter 25: Stilettos for Teeth and Spiders for Tails from the Audiobook version. Read along with Gary below.


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"I actually started reading this answer before I saw who the author was, and yet not even halfway through I thought ‘the only Quoran who writes about obscure critters with this combination of depth, loving enthusiasm and quirky humour is Gary Meaney’. Lo and behold, it is you, haha. If you ever compile all your posts into a book one day I’ll buy an armful of copies to give out to friends." - Mo Nastri
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"Beautifully done, Gary. It's always a pleasure to find one of your answers in my feed." - Jim Haywood
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"This answer is so amazing!! Thank you Gary, this one blew my mind! For me, the length and the level of detail provided puts this up there with many of the Attenborough specials we are so fond of in this house. It’s what Quora was meant to be." - Jim Nieberding
"You talk about the animal kingdom in the most measured and sensible way of anyone I’ve yet encountered on social media type platforms (perhaps even on mainstream news outlets too)." - Patrick Kilroy
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"WOW! Just WOW! I don’t usually get impressed that easily" - Chakri Policherla
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"Thank you! Thank you! My favourite Quora answer ever! And your writing is as amazing as those incredible photos." - Leonie Boyes
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"I’ve read this five times at least and never get tired of it. That’s how good you are. Your fascination with animals is rubbing off on to me!" – Warner Moelders

About Me

Hi There!

I am a seventeen year old student from High School Rathgar Ireland with a passion for the natural world and the vast diversity of living things it contains. This love has been kindled by first-hand experiences with wildlife in Kenya, Hawaii and beyond. I am now at work writing my first book, Zoology's Greatest Mystery - and 100 Other Wonders of Nature.

I have been writing answers on the Q&A platform Quora for four years, where I now have over 14,000 followers and 20 million content views.

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Would you be happy to review my book?

I'm currently looking for volunteers with an interest in nature and books to review Zoology's Greatest Mystery - and 100 Other Wonders of Nature. Please email me for the password to the draft PDF, or else just view the extract.


I have been writing answers on the Q&A platform Quora for four years, where I now have over 14,000 followers and 20 million content views.


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